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16 Confessions of Newbies On Their First Days At Work

Do you ever think about sharing how you truly feel about your first days of work, but can't because, well, it's too embarrassing to tell? But curious as we are, we asked a bunch of people to share us their office confessions back when they were still the newbie.

To those who confessed to us — don't worry, your secret identity is safe with us. Maybe.

1. "I've agreed to do a lot of things and a lot of responsibilities, but mostly I'm just winging it." —A.

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2. "I said yes because of the free beer." —F.

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3. "I called everyone miss or sir for the first few weeks because I forgot their names." —K.

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4. "In a car: my coworker was singing (with feelings) a song on the radio, and I couldn't tell her she was singing the lyrics wrong because I was still new." —B.

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5. "I pretended to read the office handbook in the office even though I've already read it before, just so my boss would go easy on me on the first day." —D.

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6. "WTF did I get myself into! This wasn't in my job description." —J.

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7. "I searched my coworkers names in Facebook from our office directory so I'll recognize their faces." —D.

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8. "During my final interview, I met with the boss for the first time, and my initial thought was, 'Oh hey, he's tall and... is he gay?'" —J.

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9. "So, unlimited Facebook, eh?" —D.

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10. "I had better ideas than our production director." —J.

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11. "My supervisor saw me step out from the ladies comfort room. I'm a man. Walk of shame!" —C.


12. "I am overwhelmed." —R.

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13. "In a meeting, I had a brilliant idea but was afraid to talk. So I just kept nodding my head." —R.

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14. "I pretended to like everyone so they won't hate me." —P.

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15. "I went to the bathroom stall to Google something related to my job because I was too embarrassed to Google it in public." —K.

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16. "I took selfies in my new office space while everyone was out on lunch." —D.

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Got any more secret office confessions to tell? Let us know by commenting below!