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The Only 3 Questions You Need to Prepare for in a Job Interview

Veterans and newbies of the job interview process, take heed. Your days of going through a list of 30 or more questions may soon be over. In true Sesame Street fashion, this post is brought to you by the number 3. Why? According to this article by best-selling business author and keynote speaker Bernard Marr, there are only three questions that really matter in a job interview. Interviewers won’t ask them in a straight manner, but each question posed during the process centers on these themes:

1. Have you got the skills, expertise and experience to perform the job?

Here, employers want to find out, “Can you do this job?” Take stock of the key skills and experience that fits the job requirement and show that you have them. Questions that ask about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and why you are the right person for the job, among others, are designed to evaluate if you have the right qualifications.

2. Are you enthusiastic and interested in the job and the company?

Showing genuine interest in the company and excitement about working there is a plus. Find out as much about the prospective organization and demonstrate you have taken the steps to know them. Delving into your motivators and how these can fit into the company can also help. Doing so will help you tackle questions about what you have learned about the company (i.e. their products, services, and activities, their strategy, etc.) and reasons why you are intent on working for the company.

3. Will you fit into the team, culture and company?

If you get hired, will you be considered a good fit in a number of ways or stick out like a sore thumb? Company cultures vary greatly. A good hire is more than just being qualified. It's also about having the type of personality that will thrive in a company's culture. Again, the key is to learn as much as you can about the company and show how you are a fit for them.

Photo courtesy of Leo Reynolds