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5 Commandments For A Healthier, Working You

It's resolution season once again and 2016 is no different when it comes to our joint desire to eat and be healthier. With the holidays over and work and school kicking in, it can get overwhelming to juggle your everyday life and introducing a lifestyle change into the mix. It's no secret that a healthier you means a more productive you at work. Keep on keeping on with these 5 commandments for a healthier, working you.

1. Thou Shall Not Count on Shortcuts & Quick Fixes

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With possibly guilt (and even weight gain) from holiday indulgences, it’s easy to resort to crash diets that promise fast results. The problem is – it might feel good for a little while, but sooner or later you realize it simply isn’t sustainable, or even that much fun.

“Quick fixes will also translate to quick or short-term effects as well,” says registered dietician Joy Moreno.

She also adds that skipping meals is one of the most common mistakes Pinoys do when they want to lose weight. This will deplete your body of energy and hinder you from being productive at work.

“They don’t realize that they can actually gain more weight because of this. The tendency is to have ‘brunch’ so they eat more food in one go rather than eating breakfast, lunch and dinner on time with the right proportions,” Joy shared.

Many crash dieters struggle to maintain their new weight once they return to their normal eating habits. In fact, many a times crash diets actually do more harm than good. Unhealthy weight loss can cause bones to lose density and become weaker.

You may feel more tired or sluggish because your body isn’t getting the proper nutrients to function properly. This can lead to a weaker immune system and a string of cardiovascular problems and affect your mental effectivity as well. We don't want you crashing in the middle of a big meeting or project!

Simply put, there is no magic formula to lose unwanted weight. In order to lose weight effectively in the long run,  Joy recommends a balanced diet and exercise that you can make a lifestyle.

2. Thou Shall Get Out of Your Fitness Comfort Zone

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Who says that being healthy and fit is boring? Thanks to the seemingly infinite world of technology, there are plenty of creative ways to live a fun yet healthy lifestyle.

If your gym attendance has significantly dwindled last year, then it’s time to come up with a new fitness routine. Thanks to fitness start-ups like Guava Pass and KFit, you can try out different classes such as boxing, yoga, and even fencing without burning a hole in your wallet. Some companies and offices also have gyms within the building or vicinity, which I'm sure you knew. It's about time to use those corporate memberships!

Getting out of your fitness comfort zone doesn’t mean making a drastic change. Find ways to challenge yourself, even if it means increasing that treadmill speed up by 1.0 or running for an additional 5 minutes to your usual routine. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself breezing through what you thought was ‘impossible’ before.

Joy recommends at least 30 minutes per day for exercise. “It is important not to only nourish your body with proper diet but our body needs to be balanced with physical activity as well,” she says.

3. Thou Shall Understand the Importance of Emotional and Mental Well-being 

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True health goes beyond regular exercise and healthy eating plan. It is also equally important to create balance as a whole,  emotional and mental well-being included.

According to the Mental Health Foundation,  people who have a positive sense of well-being are more likely to overcome life’s setbacks such as illness, stress or misfortune effectively. Moreover, having a positive and unfiltered sense of well-being will help you get your work done without the unnecessary stress.

“Surround yourself with happy people and thoughts. Being healthy will make Pinoys do more and live more,” Joy states. Start by having a more positive outlook in life. Let go of your destructive habits and negativity. Learn how to meditate. Start a journal to channel all your thoughts and unlocking creativity. Integrate gratitude in your life.

4. Thou Shall Remember To Rest

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Rest days are just as important as your workouts.  Without sufficient rest, you won’t recover fully and can actually hinder your workout performance. This can compromise your immune system and puts you in greater risk for injury or illness.

Let go of that misconception that resting will hinder you from achieving your fitness goals. Your immune system requires time to fully recover the muscles engaged from your workout. Beyond your workout, mental stress from work can manifest physically so you shouldn't burden yourself. Try practicing "work ends at the office" and give yourself the break you deserve at the end of the day.

Allow your body to rest when it tells you to. Plus, it will also avoid work burnout. By shifting your focus on other things, you’ll be able to jump back into your work and workout program refreshed and ready to go.

5. Thou Shall Love Your Body No Matter What

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While it may be common to have that mindset of, ‘I will love myself when I lose x number of pounds’,it is detrimental to personal growth.

This year, learn to love your body and remember to be grateful for everything it is capable of doing. Instead of striving to personify the ideal definition of ‘skinny’ that is perpetuated by the media, focus on prioritizing on what is good for your body – nutritious food, fun yet challenging exercises, and activities that will enrich your emotional wellbeing. Adult coloring books, anyone?

“Set goals and be disciplined. Motivate yourself to achieve a healthy body. It may sound hard but anything is possible if you always think positive,” says Joy.

Allow this year to recognize your own flow and make the most out of everything. Whether you lose 5 or 15 pounds by the end of this year, the journey towards achieving it is just as important.

2016 marks a new beginning. Let’s make it happen!

This article was originally published on Health Begins With Her, and was written by Angie Garcia.

Angie is currently (re-)discovering the world of online content through her day job. She loves eating as much as working out, but has recently discovered a passionate curiosity for yoga.