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8 Times Our Daily Commute Has Gotten the Best of Us

Whether you're a mid-20's professional who's lucky enough to live near your office, or someone who's truly unfortunate (i.e, me) to live kilometers away, then we probably know the struggles of public transport better than anyone. And "struggle" doesn't even begin to describe what we go through on a daily basis; whether that's taking the bus or train through EDSA, UV through C5, or a private vehicle through some eskinita that Waze is taking you, it seems that there's really no escaping Manila carmageddon. And in that hours battling the morning rush apocalypse, we somehow always find a way to entertain ourselves.

So we've asked the Kalibrr team to Tweet their experiences, thoughts, feelings, and reactions while on the commute to the Kalibrr HQ, and here's how we express our sentiments.

1. When you involuntarily offer your shoulders to a stranger.

> Medj napuyat ata katabi ko 😴 Buti nalang yung shoulders ko ready > 👍🏼[\#SleepingBeauty](http://twitter.com/hashtag/SleepingBeauty?src=hash) > [\#SomebodyToLeanOn](http://twitter.com/hashtag/SomebodyToLeanOn?src=hash) > [\#KommuterDiaries](http://twitter.com/hashtag/KommuterDiaries?src=hash) > [\#FX](http://twitter.com/hashtag/FX?src=hash) > [@kalibrr](http://twitter.com/kalibrr) > > — Bea Magno (@beatricemagno) [March 8, > 2016](http://twitter.com/beatricemagno/status/707333023797149697)

2. When you sit beside a famous person. ---------------------------------------

> [@kalibrr](http://twitter.com/kalibrr) sitting next to senator chiz > today [\#saychiz](http://twitter.com/hashtag/saychiz?src=hash) > [\#KommuterDiaries](http://twitter.com/hashtag/KommuterDiaries?src=hash) > [pic.twitter.com/Qi0EBCcX7G](http://t.co/Qi0EBCcX7G) — Leroy Almeida > (@leroyalmeida23) [March 9, > 2016](http://twitter.com/leroyalmeida23/status/707377997330780160)

 3. When you randomly realize relevant stuff. ---------------------------------------------

> Driving in traffic, I get random moments realizing that I'm actually a > mid-20s semi-adult with a job. > [\#whut](http://twitter.com/hashtag/whut?src=hash) > [\#KommuterDiaries](http://twitter.com/hashtag/KommuterDiaries?src=hash) > [@kalibrr](http://twitter.com/kalibrr) — Isobel Pareja (@IsobelPareja) > [March 9, > 2016](http://twitter.com/IsobelPareja/status/707489962090827776)

4. When all you can do is look out the window in sorrow. --------------------------------------------------------

> Yung may nakita kang cutie pero nasakabilang > [\#fx](http://twitter.com/hashtag/fx?src=hash) siya.😔 > [\#kommuterdiaries](http://twitter.com/hashtag/kommuterdiaries?src=hash) > [pic.twitter.com/sVuWNH18lt](http://t.co/sVuWNH18lt) — Poien Ramos > (@poienramos) [March 11, > 2016](http://twitter.com/poienramos/status/708088645970886656)

 5. When you're so bored, you start relating traffic with love. ---------------------------------------------------------------

> Sana traffic ka nalang. Para matagal rin tayong magkadikit 😏 > [\#BumperToBumper](http://twitter.com/hashtag/BumperToBumper?src=hash) > [\#KommuterDiaries](http://twitter.com/hashtag/KommuterDiaries?src=hash) > [\#Fx](http://twitter.com/hashtag/Fx?src=hash) > [@kalibrr](http://twitter.com/kalibrr) — Bea Magno (@beatricemagno) > [March 10, > 2016](http://twitter.com/beatricemagno/status/707740670019022848)

6. When public transport drivers just can't seem to follow road rules. Ugh!
Kommuter Diaries

7. When you realize na tama na ang paghahabol.

I deserve better. Ayaw ko na maghabol (ng Fx) 😒 Mag Uber nalang ako 👍🏼 #KommuterDiaries #DontBeBitterFindSomethingBetter @kalibrr

— Bea Magno (@beatricemagno) March 11, 2016

8. And finally, when the MRT does something right for once.

> Free MRT pass for Women! > [\#InternationalWomensWeek](http://twitter.com/hashtag/InternationalWomensWeek?src=hash) > [@Kalibrr](http://twitter.com/kalibrr) > [\#KommuterDiaries](http://twitter.com/hashtag/KommuterDiaries?src=hash) > [\#MRT](http://twitter.com/hashtag/MRT?src=hash) > > — katrina tarroza (@katrinatarroza) [March 8, > 2016](http://twitter.com/katrinatarroza/status/707019362792640512)

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