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How Do I Decide on a Career Path? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Whether or not you are actively looking for a job, your eventual career path is a thought that constantly looms over your head. Young people often find themselves asking one of two questions: I like a lot of different things so where do I focus my energy and attention? and But I'm not good at anything, what can I do?

Deciding on a career path will take time. There's no point in setting a deadline and saying by this time next year, I will have a career path. The whole process of deciding requires more than a few mistakes, a couple of wrong turns, and a fair share of embarrassment or feeling utterly lost. Later on, after you've found some stability in your career, things could go south without warning and prompt you to do things all over again. That's okay, too. The likes of Julia Child, Walt Disney, and Ellen DeGeneres proved that it's never too late to make a career shift.

Wherever, whenever, and whatever your path may be, there is something for everyone and it doesn't hurt to start thinking about where that path could take you.

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