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How to Improve Your Profile Picture on Kalibrr

Kalibrr profile pictures are one of the first and most important things recruiters see when they first browse your resume online. As an applicant, you need to make sure that you do what you can to give the right first impression.

Here are a few tips to boost your Kalibrr profile picture:

​1. Upload a current photo
Your photos are the only thing company recruiters have to go by when initially imagining their prospective employee. This also means your face on the profile is what interviewers expect to see when about they meet you for the first time. If you go on an interview looking different from your photo, it will give recruiters the wrong impression – they may not be able to trust you or your credibility.

​2. Dress professionally and appropriately
Wear proper clothes like a dress shirt or blouses with sleeves. You want to look like you can hold a job and can be serious in the workplace when you need to be.

A professional profile picture should be a headshot which only includes your face, neck, and a bit of your shoulders – that means you don’t have to dress fully to take the optimal Kalibrr profile picture. Just make sure that everything seen on the picture is pressed and clean.

​3. Keep it simple.
Your photo should simply have you on it. Complicated and busy backgrounds distract recruiters from your face and make you look unprofessional. Keep the background as neutral as possible.

4. Absolutely no selfies.
Selfies are the epitome of unprofessionalism. Don’t use them.

These are just some rules when posting your profile picture on a professional site like Kalibrr. While it may seem tedious, the worst you can do is to not include a photo of yourself and leave it in its gray default setting. Recruiters don’t take applicants seriously without one as it leaves the profile without a human touch. Follow these tips to get your feet through the door!