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Why Job Fairs Are A Waste Of Time

I attended job fairs when I was in college. But that was 11 years ago. It seems like in the age of Twitter, Facebook, and iPhones, some things never change. But should they?

When you think about it, is the job fair the best venue to find a career?

Sure, you can probably find a job, but that’s not what you’re looking for if you’re a Kalibrr user. Job fairs can be good if you absolutely need a job RIGHT NOW - but for many of the people reading this, you should wait so that you can get the right job.

What is that right job? You want a job that can help you optimize these 3 items, in this order:

  • Learning new skills and technologies
  • Industries that are growing fast (which means opportunities for upward mobility)
  • A fair salary that keeps you motivated to strive more

But what actually happens at most job fairs?

Companies have booths and a lot of giveaways. They are usually staffed by one or two junior recruitment staff who are just there to collect your resume.

Sometimes, they’ll interview you on the spot and if you’re really good, they’ll try to shuttle you to the office for an interview immediately.

Do you know why they want to hire you quickly?

Because it’s HARD to find people with the right background and skills for many jobs in the Philippines (and it’s the problem Kalibrr wants to solve) and when they meet someone who is fit, they want to hire them before anybody else can.

What I want you to remember is that it is an employee’s world in the Philippines, which means jobseekers have the power, not the companies.

You have the power to say no to get a better offer, a better company, and better training.

The mistake I see jobseekers make often is they take the first job offer they get. They don’t shop themselves around, they don’t understand how much they are worth and most importantly they don’t think about the consequences about taking a fast job, rather than trying to optimize for the 3 points above.

So if job fairs are dead, what’s the replacement?

Well, that’s why we built Kalibrr. Rather than having to go to a physical job fair, the job fair happens every single day on our site.

If you have a Kalibrr profile, you can quickly submit your application to dozens of companies with a few clicks. Many of the jobs we have require you to do a test and the reason is we want to make sure we don’t waste your time or the employer’s time - these tests help highlight which jobs you’re really qualified for.

With one Kalibrr profile, a company can learn more about you than in the fast-paced rowdy environment of a job fair.

So don’t waste your time at job fairs. Go and get the freebies, sure, but the best employers aren’t at the job fair - they are online waiting for you to submit your Kalibrr profile.