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Kalibrr Partners With Government To Provide 3,320 Jobs

It's funny how a series of coincidences can lead to much bigger things six months later.

The partnership between Kalibrr and the Philippine government all started because of a bold statement from CEO Paul Rivera. Speaking at an event for local university Ateneo de Manila, Paul expressed his strong dissatisfaction with the government of his own country. He said he believed the Philippines had 'first world talent,' but that these talents were being hindered by a 'third world government.' Once he let it go, the statement resulted in several moments of awkward silence and a clear shock from the audience. Without Paul's knowledge, representatives from the Department of Finance were front and center at the event. He recounts his story on Facebook:

A few months ago, I spoke at an Ateneo event and I expressed my displeasure at our government. It was a blanket statement about how slow, corrupt, and visionless our government in the Philippines seemed to me as an entrepreneur. Normally, this will elicit cheers - it's easy to blame government for everything that is wrong in the Philippines. Somebody in the audience challenged me - Ken Abante - and then invited me to learn more. Over the next 6 months, I learned about the visionary and highly capable leaders of these departments and the young talent like Ken and Camille they were attracting to government. This is important because the most effective way to reduce corruption in government is to institutionalize reform at the department level - to bring young enlightened leaders who won't let the old ways pass. And this is why Kalibrr's partnership is important - we're going to make it easy for the best and brightest talent in the Philippines to discover opportunities throughout the country to spark a movement that will transform the Philippines. The Philippines is a country brimming with potential and we need your talent to unlock it.

Their initial meeting led to several others at different government offices. It was disappointing to hear stories about the pains and difficulties the government had in getting people on board. On the other side of the coin, the people's stories of dedication to their work and to working for a better nation was enough of a push to seek for other people just like them.

Up until very recently, these agencies would post job openingson bulletin boards and we were just in complete disbelief.  It was so strange for us to hear that they were that behind on technology and still planned to develop a system to help them recruit more people.

That's where we, Kalibrr, came in.

We spent two years trying to understand how recruitment in the Philippines works and what tools recruiters needed to have to make their lives easier. We took three years to turn that vision into reality and came out of beta in April. Without intending to, Kalibrr's service was the perfect match for the ideas of this young group of civil servants who would come together regularly to talk about their civil service experiences and why it was all important.

We at Kalibrr are more than happy to be part of impacting change in the Philippines - even in our own little way. We hope that young and talented Filipinos will also be inspired to join the civil service, much like the ones at the Bagumbayani Initiative.

If you want to apply, click the links below:

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Bureau of Internal Revenue

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Department of Budget and Management

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Department of Transportation and Communications

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Department of Tourism

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Photo: is from an AIESEC Networking Event between top graduates and some members of the government held by the YPS (Young Public Servants)