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#LunchBreak: Cheap and Delicious Restaurants at McKinley Hill

Another day, another #lunchbreak! Are you growing tired of bringing baonevery day but don’t want to spend too much money? The struggle is over. If you’re in the McKinley Hill area, then we’ve got you covered! Here's a guide to cheap and delicious restaurants at McKinley Hill.

The McKinley Hill area is relatively smaller and more isolated than other business districts like Ortigas or Makati, so it would naturally have fewer dining choices. But don’t fret; there are definitely other options you can choose from if you want to save some of your hard-earned cash.

Mazza Shawarma (Php 100 – Php 150 per meal)


This little restaurant is located between a bike shop and the lobby of the Woodridge Apartments across Piazza. Serving affordable Mediterranean food, it is often packed once the lunch bell rings.  The restaurant’s black and red interiors are warm and welcoming and the food is affordable. For Php 100, you can buy a beef shawarma rice bowl. Pair that with a can of soda for Php 35, and you’ve got yourself a filling meal well under Php150. Other food options include beef, chicken, or kebab meals, (Php 110), and keema meal (Php 110). Just remember to come early if you want to eat inside the air-conditioned area.

Food stalls near the bridge between Three World Square and Piazza (Php 50 – Php 120 per meal)


Walking along the bridge from Piazza is like hitting the cheap food jackpot. Hidden in an area beside Three World Square is a little food court where you can find inexpensive food stalls. Daddy Dave, Master Siomai, Fruitas, Sinangag Express and Nakamura are all located in one place – so many options in just one place!

The Dish Market (as low as Php 15 for snacks, Php 140 for rice meal)


Sometimes, when 3pm hunger pangs come, nothing quite hits the spot like good old-fashioned street food. Nestled between Two and Three World Square is The Dish Market, a charmingly decorated nook that sells the usual Pinoy street food favorites like fish balls and kwek kwek. Their street food is admittedly a little pricier than their authentic kalye counterparts, but in a place like McKinley Hill, they’re still quite affordable. They also sell freshly cooked lechon with rice meal for Php 140.

Pan de Manila (as low as Php 3.75/pc for small pandesal)

Pan de

This local panaderia sure has grown up. Aside from selling their tried and tested pandesals, you can now also buy doughnuts, coco jam spread, flavored instant coffee and tsokolateand even sorbetes. For the price of some pocket change, you can have snack time sweets and that caffeine hit you need to get over that mid-afternoon slump.

Mr. Bean (as low as Php 45 for taho)

[caption id="attachment_2310" align="aligncenter" width="505"]Photo
by: Mr. Bean Philippines Facebook
Page Photo by: Mr. Bean Philippines Facebook Page[/caption]

A healthy alternative to the usual sugary milk tea and ice-blended coffee drinks, Mr. Bean offers soy-based drinks like iced soya, available in different flavor, for Php 75. You can also get different flavors of chilled taho with topping options like sago and lychee bombs. If you’re hankering for a pastry, you can also get their tasty pancakes, available in different flavors like kaya, chocolate, and cheese, for Php 60.

Lucky’s (Php 180 – Php 350 per meal)

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by: Lucky's Facebook
Page Photo by: Lucky's Facebook Page[/caption]

Located in the Tuscany strip of restaurants, you wouldn’t expect Lucky’s to be quite affordable. Perfect for payday lunch or dinner, Lucky’s is a good pick for days when you just want to splurge a little but not too much. For just Php 175, you can have buttermilk fried chicken with rice, and add Php 55 for a can of soda, you have a hearty meal for Php 230. And if you were looking for a happy hour hangout spot, Lucky’s also sells beers and cocktails.

Have any more leads on cheap eats in the area? Let us know in the comments below. Happy eating!

Featured image by: McKinley Hill Facebook page