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The Kalibrr Design Internship Program

Internship -(n.) The slave labor you put in between junior and senior college years to gain “work experience”.

That’s the classic practical definition of an internship. This is not what a Kalibrr Internshipis.

As a student, your job is to pass your classes. To make as few mistakes as possible on your exams and to prepare excessively for each challenge.  There is an overwhelming fear of failure as a student.

We’re going to teach you to fail and fail well.

The best way to learn design (or probably anything) is to make mistakes. This might sound like a euphemism for trial and error, and that’s because it is.  In the case of UX, it’s trying, failing, learning from your users, and doing that over and over again.

What separates good designers and great designers is not failing less, but learning more from each iteration. Great designers test, test well, test often, and fail with remarkable grace.

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The Kalibrr Design internship is designed with this in mind. Not learning to design, but learning to learn.

As a design intern of Kalibrr, you will be exposed to live product. The work you do makes direct impact on thousands of users. You won’t be a cog in the machine that spends every day working on repetitive tasks. You will work directly with other designers, other interns, programmers, managers, and users.

You will build great things, and they will fail in many spectacularly unexpected ways.

Kalibrr Internship -(n.) The slave labor you put in between junior and senior years where you will fail repeatedly, but fail well.

I’d like to formally introduce the first class of 2015:

Ria Arante

BFA Information Design, Ateneo de Manila

“Has a mild distaste for Adam Levine”


Sam Ganzon

BFA Information Design, Ateneo de Manila

“A case study for the most focused ADD in the world”


Igi Maximo

BFA Information Design, Ateneo de Manila

“Has an an overly enthusiastic attachment to brainstorming, and his dog."


If you're looking to join the team, click the links below. We are looking for people to fail in the following areas:

Interaction Design intern -You have knowledge of front-end programming (html, css, javascript), are obsessed with details, and have an obscene fascination with web animations and transitions.

UX Design Intern -You have a lot of questions and problems about life, the world, and the universe. You have some design background, are exorbitantly curious, and enjoy poking things with sticks.

Marketing Design Intern - You want to know what it means to communicate brands effectively and create engaging visual content depending on your market. You'll be working with the creative director of the 7107 International Music Festival and Tinder in the Philippines. Send your portfolio and cv to roxanne@kalibrr.com