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PH Presidentiables: What Are Their Platforms on Employment?

The long wait will soon be over. In just a few days we will finally be voting for the next Philippine president — the person who will be leading our nation for the next six years.

After all the debates, however, there is one side of the presidentiables’ platforms that we remain unclear on: their platforms on labor and employment.  The Kalibrr Team asked the presidential candidates to talk about their platform on labor and employment — their take on alleviating unemployment and underemployment, and their plans on ensuring the welfare of our overseas Filipino workers.

If you're still part of the big percentage of undecided voters, and even if you are already decided, perhaps their platforms on employment will help you choose when Election Day comes around:

(The full texts of the candidates' employment platform can be found at the end of this article.)

[Infographic] Presidentiables Platform -

[Infographic] Presidentiables Platform -

[Infographic] Presidentiables Platform -

[Infographic] Presidentiables Platform

To view the full copy of their employment platform, click on the corresponding buttons below:






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