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The Most Obvious Reason To Quit Your Job

This is one of those questions that you won’t see asked in local game shows. The question of the hour is (insert drum roll here) - When is the best time to quit your job? Delightful Communications founder Mel Carson offers some career food for thought on the subject given at a work function (Yay! Sage advice given during drinks! A novel concept!). This is how it went:

When asked to say a few words, all he said was, 'My advice to you all, is if a company is getting more out of you than you are out of it, it’s time to quit and move on.'

This was advice so powerful that Carson remembered the words, but not the person who said it. That is one man’s personal take that has stayed with the author for the longest time, so read on to find out the valuable lessons Carson shared.

We all find ourselves at a career crossroads from time to time. There are pros and cons to think about, some loyalties to weigh, and some very real-life bills to pay. This most painfully obvious way to evaluate your current job satisfaction could be just what you need to finally make that decision. If you need more time to think things through, take a dip into the reflection pool by getting acquainted again with the reasons why good employees quit as well as the signs when the end could be nigh.

So for you, when is the best time to quit your job and why? No answers from the Magic 8-Ball please! Weigh in below. Your answers could be someone’s eureka moment.

Photo by muffett68