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The Philippine Government Needs You: DOTC Is Hiring!

The Department of Transportation and Communications is looking for great talent to join their efforts in providing public service. They are currently in need of applicants for the National Program Management Office.

The National Program Management Office is responsible for managing and directing the Bus Rapid Transit and road-based public transport reform initiatives of DOTC nationwide. This office will deal with matters relating to policies and strategies, assist Project Implementation Units, prepare new project proposals, and monitor the programs.

The following positions are currently open for applications:

Public Relations Officer III (Salary: P 31,351)

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan, direct, control and coordinate the advertising and public relations activities of the different projects;
  • Negotiate advertising contracts with officials of newspapers, radio and television stations, sports and cultural organizations and advertising agencies;
  • Consult different stakeholder groups and understand their respective objectives, issues and concerns
  • Develop a detailed communications strategy and time-bound communications action plan for NPMO aimed at winning the support (or reducing the possible resistance) of various stakeholder groups (operators, drivers, car users, etc.) for the proposed BRT systems and the new road-based public transport framework;
  • Implement the SVPCF-financed (SVPCF=Special Vehicle Pollution Control Fund) Public Communications Project to promote environmentally sustainable public transport, including BRT systems;
  • Prepare key messages on public transport for dissemination to the public generally or to specific target groups; find the best channels for dissemination of these messages; and
  • Use various tools to measure the impact of different public communications approaches on the attitudes and views of the key stakeholder groups and adjust the communications strategy and action plan based on the measured results.
[![[BUTTON] ClickHere Jobs in QBE Kalibrr](http://advice.kalibrr.com/advice/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/BUTTON-ClickHere.png)](http://www.kalibrr.com/c/dotc-npmo/jobs/4170/public-relations-officer-iii/?link=button) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Economist IV (Salary: P 42,652) ------------------------------- Main Duties and Responsibilities: - Conduct economic analysis of proposed projects; develop or review the economic analysis to support the planning and implementation of projects under NPMO; review and verify if financial calculations and recommendations for projects are sound and reasonable; - Advise on economic policy and course of action to be followed in the light of analyses of present and foreseen economic factors; - Study, advise on or deal with various economic aspects, such as production and marketing methods, national and international trade trends, monetary, fiscal and pricing policies, employment, income, productivity and consumption; - Prepare quarterly reports on progress of various projects under NPMO; organize meetings with project teams to diagnose any project issues and assist in addressing the key issues; - Serve as project manager/officer during the project planning stage, overseeing the conceptualization, preparation and processing of selected BRT and road-based public transport reform projects, including obtaining all required governmental approvals; - Prepare a user-friendly project cycle manual that can help to orient new staff and consultants and be used also as a quick reference for project managers/officers in NPMO; and - Prepare the projects for turn-over to the Project Implementation Units. [![[BUTTON] ClickHere Jobs in Skillshot Labs Kalibrr](http://advice.kalibrr.com/advice/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/BUTTON-ClickHere.png)](http://www.kalibrr.com/c/dotc-npmo/jobs/4166/economist-iv/?link=button) Clerk IV (Salary: P 14,931) --------------------------- Main Duties and Responsibilities: - Keep records of documents that go in and out of the division; - Maintain an organized filing system for the proper documentation of the various projects under the division; - Perform clerical duties; schedule internal and external meetings, serve as telephone operator, manage office supplies, photocopying; and - Perform other duties as may be assigned from time to time. Minimum Qualifications: - High School Graduate or completion of relevant vocational/trade course - One (1) year relevant experience - Four (4) hours relevant training
[![[BUTTON] ClickHere Jobs in Gigahertz Kalibrr Laguna](http://advice.kalibrr.com/advice/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/BUTTON-ClickHere.png)](http://www.kalibrr.com/c/dotc-npmo/jobs/4151/clerk-iv/?link=button) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Junior Engineer (Salary: P 30,000 - P 40,000) --------------------------------------------- Main Duties and Responsibilities:
- Assist the Senior Engineer in all technical matters in the field relative to project implementation; - Liaise with local government units and other agencies (which require permits and clearances prior to construction activities) to ensure smooth implementation of the project; - Perform such other functions that the Project Manager, Deputy Project Manager and Senior Engineer may require from time to time; - Must be a Licensed Civil Engineer.

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Sociologist III (Salary: P 31,351) ---------------------------------- Main Duties and Responsibilities: - Formulate a "Community Engagement and Mobilization" Work Plan for the NPMO with time-bound actions and coordinate accomplishment of key actions/tasks for all BRT and non-BRT road transit projects; with respect to the proposed public transport sector reforms, "Community Engagement and Mobilization" refers to activities or actions to engage and interact with relevant transport industry stakeholders (operators, drivers, and other industry workers), secure their trust, help them form or strengthen local organizations for mutual benefit, and work with them to achieve common objectives and positive outcomes in line with the proposed transformation of road-based public transport; - Monitor and advise teams of contracted community organizers-negotiators-facilitators that will be interacting regularly with industry stakeholders over a period of time, so that these teams are able to internalize and implement the principles and objectives of the community engagement and mobilization process; - With the participation of affected parties, identify short, medium and longer term actions or measures that can help to improve the welfare of the industry stakeholders, build their capacities to undertake new roles or functions within the transport industry, or alleviate any negative impacts and assist the various PIUs in the implementation of such actions; - Assess project risks and propose any actions that can help to alleviate project risks; and - Provide support and advice to project implementation units (PIUs) in their work to build strong positive relationships with transport industry stakeholder groups, enable them to contribute to the overall transformation program, and strengthen their capacities to participate in the new transport system. ### [![[BUTTON] ClickHere Jobs in AIM Kalibrr Laguna](http://advice.kalibrr.com/advice/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/BUTTON-ClickHere.png)](http://www.kalibrr.com/c/dotc-npmo/jobs/4155/sociologist-iii/?link=button)*If you'd like to see the full list of job opportunities, [click here](http://www.kalibrr.com/c/dotc-npmo/jobs/?link=anchortext) for more DOTC jobs.* ### *Still haven't found the job you're looking for? [Click here](http://www.kalibrr.com/job-board/i/public-service-%252F-ngos/1#job-board-grid/?link=anchortext) to check out other Government and NGO job posts on Kalibrr! Don't forget to follow us on [Facebook](http://www.facebook.com/Kalibrr/?link=anchortext), [Twitter](http://twitter.com/kalibrr/?link=anchortext), and [Instagram](http://instagram.com/kalibrr/?link=anchortext) for more career advice and job updates.*