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#VotePH: Who Will You Hire As Your President in 2016?

2016 is just around the corner, and Christmas and New Year's aren't the only things Filipinos are excited about. In less than 8 months, the entire nation of the Philippines will be voting for the next President of the country — the leader who will be directing our country's future for the next six years after the elections.

Now, imagine that you — mga bossing of the current President — had the chance to choose who the new President will be in 2016. And because being President is still a job, no matter how high up in the government, applicants will still have to submit their short resumes to you to apply for the position. You get to review their credentials, and decide whether or not to hire them on the spot, to interview them first, or throw their resume into the trash.

So that you don't have to imagine, we put together these quick and dirty resumes of all the presidentiables in the coming 2016 Elections to help you decide who to vote for in May 2016. Be the bossing that you are and think like a manager looking through job applications: Who fits the role best? Who has had the most appropriate job experience? Which candidate is worth an interview? Which candidate needs to prove himself/herself more?

Mar Roxas
Kalibrr Grace Poe
Kalibrr Jejomar
Binay_Kalibrr Miriam Santiago

The resume is not all there is to the candidate. Sometimes, an inexperienced but dedicated fresh grad will be a better pick than a more experienced worker with a bad attitude. Conversely, sometimes a job needs a minimum amount of experience, and any less than that minimum means that candidate is out of the game, regardless of their passion for the job. Sometimes, too, the candidate with the most battle scars doesn't mean that he or she has accumulated the right experience.

Remember: before you place that vote, make sure you know who you're voting for. Research the information, listen to the radio, watch the news — make sure your vote is an informed vote. Most of all, vote for the candidate that you truly believe, not just the one who you think will win or the one everyone chooses.

*Have you registered yet for the Philippine Elections in 2016? If not, check out Rappler's guide on how to register for the 2016 elections. You can also check out Kalibrr for jobs in government.